Heart Two Heart(ed)

 Ann and Nancy wannabes
           Ann and Nancy wannabes

The Wilson Sisters. Anne and Nancy. Frick and Frack. Or Me and my younger sister, Wendy. Yes, we were the Wilson Sisters growing up. We used to choreograph moves to all their songs and I was always Ann. Why? Cuz I’m ALWAYS the lead singer, that’s why. In retrospect, Nancy was probably the cooler of the two since she could totally fucking wail on the guitar. The point is, they were some rockin’ bitches and we wanted to be them from a very early age.



ALBUM: Dreamboat Annie, Heart, Mushroom Records, 1975

20160410_160009-1 Dreamboat Annie was their debut album and was released in the US on Valentine’s day 1976. Heart. Valentine’s Day. Get it? Awwww. That’s sweet. The album cover looks like some dejected Glamour Shots shit, but you know, it was the 70s. At the time this album was made female hard rocking chicks were few and far between. They took folk, ballads, melodies and combined with some hard hitting rock. They were strong and fierce and in a male dominated industry they didn’t take any shit.

The album starts off with Magic Man, an autobiographical diddy about Ann falling for an older dude in the band and packing up and leaving home with her ‘magic man’. Nancy’s badass guitar leads us into Ann singing about those baby blues sucking her in. Then bow Chicka wow wow. Dreamboat Annie – there’s actually 3 versions of this song on this album. This one, Dreamboat Annie (Fantasy Child) is short and sweet and has some sounds of the sea interlaced with beautiful acoustic sound. It’s 1:10 long. Crazy On You, this song is rock solid. It starts out with Nancy’s awesome acoustic picking and then starts jamming the hell with some electric guitar. Badassness at it’s finest. You may have still have time, you might still get by…..Let me go Crazy on you! I’ve wanted to go crazy on plenty of people. But I’m thinking she means a different kind o’ crazy. Mine would just be from getting tired of dumb ass. It’s rampant ya know….Soul of the Sea. Oh my God do I love this song…if I had had a legit wedding with a reception and shit instead of just demanding to go to the Justice of the Peace, this is the song that we would have danced to for our ‘first dance’ song. It’s just romantic and beautiful and it’s Heart. Rushin’ to me, You turned around to my song’s call, You dreamer in the sand, Just lie there laughing til the fall, Kindest lover, I can’t stay alone tonight,Bring me all your love Here and now, Come rushin’ to me. Except I think they end up drifting apart at the end of the song but I’d leave that part out. You’re confusing me Ann. Dreamboat Annie (version 2) – I can’t hear this song without thinking of my older sister breaking up with her boyfriend.  Swear to God. I was little and I remember going with her to get all her shit from his house and this song was on the radio. So, Thanks Kim. Because of you I will forever associate this song with people getting kicked to the curb. White Lightening and Wine is easily one of the best songs on this album. It’s a bluesly, groovy toe tapper basically about her booty call. Really.  It’s about playing a gig, getting shit faced on moonshine and wine and hooking up with some random dude and then finding out in the morning that guy weren’t so hot after all. In the morning light you didn’t look so nice. Guess you better hitch hike home! Alcohol. The grand daddy of regret. (Love Me Like Music) I’ll Be Your Song.  This is just fantastic ballad with the best lines ever: ‘if you love me like music, I’ll be your song’. Plus they clap in this song and everyone knows if you clap in a song it’s gonna be a good one. Sing Child. Kick ass guitar and drum intro. This song has a nice blues groove and I think it really showcases Ann’s awesome vocal talent. There’s great flute solo by Ann; I mean it’s not as stellar as Ron Burngundy’s but it’s still pretty excellent. It’s followed by a super guitar solo by Nancy. Sing, child, sing! The folky How Deep It Goes. Ann Reminds me an edgy Karen Carpenter in this song with a little more meat on her bones. The album closes with Dreamboat Annie (Reprise). I really am not sure why you would put 3 version of the exact same song on an album. Maybe they ran out of material. Maybe they wanted to hurry up and party. Dude, I don’t know. It’s a great song though. 

Dreamboat Annie is Heart’s best album, in my humble opinion. It intermingles folk and hard rock and it does it right. Forty years later and it’s still kicking ass – I think that says it all.  Go take a listen and let Dreamboat Annie grab your Heart….

BEER: Bell’s Two Hearted Ale, Bell’s Brewery, Kalamzoo, MI – ABV 7.0%, IBU: 50-70 Range

Two Hearted Ale - Yes, Please!
Two Hearted Ale – Yes, Please!

Mmm….Two Hearted. Pouring it into the glass, the golden copper color reminds me of beautiful, rustic sunsets on a faraway mountain ridge or beach. Or you know, a nice glass of beer. You can smell the hops and hints of citrus. Like many of the songs on Dreamboat Annie, Two Hearted combines malt and hops into a harmonious accord that makes my mouth sing! Sing, Child, Sing! Yeah, I’d probably write a song about it if I were that talented, but since I’m not, I’ll just continue to drink the shit out of this beer. I’ve drank many Bell’s beers and I gotta say that this one is a fave of mine. It is a great go to beer. I highly recommend grabbing a six pack of this beer and putting on some Heart and loving every minute of it.


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