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Oh alright. I guess a blog post should be more than 3 words. Although in this instance, it doesn’t need to be.

ALBUM: Purple Rain Soundtrack, Prince and The Revolution, Warner Bros. Records, 1984

20160304_204544-1.jpgPurple Rain. Purple. Fucking. Rain. My God, this album. Sex on vinyl! That’s what it is. It’s like Prince poured all his genetic funk into the grooves of this album. I’m actually laughing right now because 5 minutes ago I was walking across my living room trying to emulate the walking, swinging arm thingy they do in the When Doves Cry video. Oh, KNOW that I had a dance made up to every single ever loving song on this album. In fact, I did a not so stellar version of I WOULD DIE 4 YOU at Vinyl Pint night last Sunday. No one joined in. I had moves. I spent an entire summer choreographing my dances so I could be in a Prince video. If you’re gonna dream, dream big. Oh sure, I was already listening to For You, Controversy and Dirty Mind. But the summer of ’84 I fell in love with Purple Rain. I fell in lust with that sexy, little black man wearing high heels, purple suits and ruffles. There is no man, or woman who has that kind of eyeliner game. Not long after, I would compulsively watch the movie and repeat it line for line to anyone who would listen. It didn’t matter if I didn’t get the gist of everything being said. Or that Prince was humping the stage at one point. I just knew I loved everything about this movie and this album.  There isn’t a bad song on here. I challenge you to find one – if you are even thinking about it, I will hunt you down like the dog you are and make you rue the day you ever questioned anything on this soundtrack. That’s what I thought.

So Let’s Go Crazy starts out with churchy organ music and Prince pontificating Dearly beloved, We are gathered here today, To get through this thing called life…Confession: I thought he was saying, if the elevator tries break down, go crazy, honey child. He doesn’t. He says, ‘Punch a higher floor’. Wtf? I’ll keep singing it my way, thanks. I mean basically it’s like, you’re here now so you might as well live it up! And why the hell are we looking for a purple banana? What the hell is a purple…..OH MY GOD. Is that what I think? Nevermind. His guitar solo in this song is mind blowing. You should see my air guitar – it’s quite impressive. Take Me With You. Ugh. In the movie when this song comes on, him and Appelonia are cruising the backroads of good ol’ MinneSOODA. OMG That bike. That bike was THE SHIT! It’s beautiful and purple and has 2 wheels! For the record, in case you want to go out and find one, it’s a customized, 1981 Hondamatic Honda CB400A. Anyhow, this song is so romantical. I mean he doesn’t care where they go or what they do. As long as he’s with her. She’s sheer perfection! (Thank you). Also, I would not have minded one bit if that lake wasn’t Minnetonka. Bam! The Beautiful Ones starts off slow and heartbreaking. He needs her to choose between him and Morris Day – watch the movie, you’ll know what I’m talking about. PLEASE tell you’ve seen it! The breakdown in this song give me chills every single time I hear it when Prince starts screeching, literally screeching, What’s it gonna be baby! Do you want HIM!? Or do you want ME!? Cuz I want you!! (see my goosebumps?). I’m going to re-enact this part and post it up just for your entertainment. I get pretty passionate. LOL! Computer Blue – ooh, Wendy and Lisa be getting all kinky in the beginning and then Prince unleashes some screeching guitar riffs and asks where the hell is his love life? In the movie, he’s shirtless. And sweaty. And shirtless. He’s the only man that can put a doily across his face and still look good. He jams and sings and then Wendy falls to her knees and would appear to be performing a very naughty act on him and his guitar. AWWW SHEEEIT!! The song goes directly into Darling Nikki. Do yourself a favor and just watch this….JESUS.


Words of note: Tipper Gore co-founded the PMRC because she heard her daughter listening to Darling Nikki. HAHAHA! “AL!!!!” So, that’s why our music is tagged with those cute little explicit lyrics stamps. (Prude, much?)

When Doves Cry is the first song on the flip side. Shit on the homefront. Shit in the heart. I feel ya brother. This song is loaded with synth, drum machines but best of all guitar. Did I mention that Prince plays EVERY SINGLE INSTRUMENT in this song? Let me repeat that. EVERY SINGLE INSTRUMENT. Purpleis Extraordinaris. I Would Die 4 U is my jam! I like to dance all my frustrations out to this song. (Chvches did a cover of this song a couple years back). In fact, I’m chair dancing right now. Weird shit happens when you’re drinking and listening to music and trying to write reviews. Where was I? Baby I’m A Star was written a couple years prior to this soundtrack, pretty much when Prince was at the top of his game. He’s singing about his rise to fame. It’s funky, fresh and upbeat and still kicks ass today. The album closes with the ballad Purple Rain. SPOILER ALERT: In the movie, Prince comes home and finds his loony ass dad sitting at the piano playing a beautiful piece and then dude shoots himself. Prince flips his shit and tears up the basement only to discover a box of music his dad had written. So he pens this absolutely beautiful, feels laden apology song. I’m sorry to my father. I’m sorry to Appelonia. I’m sorry to my band for being such a diva bitch.  In the end we always realize how bad we fucked things up and what better way to say I’m sorry than a song. Remember a few years back when Prince played the Super Bowl? He’s belting out this song in a downpour! Could that have been anymore perfect? I think not.

This album is one of the best albums ever recorded. Yes, I declared that. You synch it up with the movie and you’ve struck Gold. Or should I say Purple…

1984 basement rehearsal of "When Doves Cry." Enjoy.

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BEER:  Old Rasputin, Russian Imperial Stout, North Coast Brewing Company, 9% AVB, 75 IBUs

20160306_205754-1.jpgThere’s no correlation between this beer choice and Prince. Except they’re both black and sexy. HAHA! Yes, beer can be sexy. This one is. I haven’t reviewed a stout yet, and it’s high time I did. Old Rasputin is produced in the tradition of 18th century English brewers who supplied the court of Catherine the Great (sayeth North Coast). Old Rasputin – Charlatan? Healer? Madman? Who knows. All I know is that North Coast hit the beer lottery with this one. This shit it great! It’s all a stout should be – head for days, coffee and chocolate flavors that make my tongue want to slap my brain. It’s smoother than Telly Savalas’s head. Roasted malty yumminess. The alcohol taste isn’t as easy to detect because of the rich flavors. It’s so easy to drink but with a 9% abv you betta check yo’ self!  This beer is an excellent example of a Russian Imperial Stout. Much like Rasputin, this beer is dark, kind of sinister and oh so magical! This beer has almost a cult-like following. I think I may become a follower. Poison me. Shoot me. Beat me. Drown me. You can have this beer when you pry it from my cold dead hands. Drowning might do it. I have a better idea. Let’s just share.

(Thank you to all you wonderful people who’s videos I’ve shared….if there’s ever an issue, please let me know)

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