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ALBUM: Motley Crue, Shout at the Devil, Elektra Records, 1983

20160327_203331-1.jpgOh Motley Crue. My Boys. I know they were lumped into the “hair band” genre and yes, they were total ‘glam metal’. So what if maybe they look like they could be on Ru Paul’s Drag Race. I loved this band. Let’s call a spade a spade here – they weren’t Judas Priest or Alice Cooper but given the time period, they were on top of their game and they sounded good and appealed to the masses. Shout at the Devil, in my humble opinion, is Motley Crue’s best album. It is requisite listening for anyone who claims to like Crue. It’s also a very nostalgic album for me. I cannot tell you how many times, as a teenager, I listened to this cassette tape. Yes, cassette tape. They used to have cassette players in cars. And they used to be optional! You had to pay extra money for that luxury feature. Anyhow, at the time, I was dating my (now) husband. He had a big ass Crue poster in his basement bedroom – he was cool like that. He got me hooked on Crue. Once upon a time, gas was super cheap and we didn’t care about the environment so we used to cruise around in the Cutlass all night listening to music and ‘other things’. Yes, we really did that. For fun! When you’re from a town the size of Mayberry, broke as shit and have limited places to go, you go to the car. Down by the river, in strip mall parking lots. Didn’t matter as long as you could park and crank up the tunes. If my kids did that I’d probably beat their asses. I don’t know. Maybe not.

So Shout at the Devil was one of the first things my husband and I shared a mutual love for. And pot. And big hair. But this album connected us – I think that’s why we got married.

Fun fact: The original cover (the one I have) was later replaced with the Brady squares of the band members. Why? Because if you held it to a 45 degree angle you could see the big ass pentagram that was the on the cover. Apparently a lot of people had issues with the satanic symbolism. There’s also supposed to be backwards messages and shit like that but I think that was all hype.

In the Beginning good always overpowered the evils of all man’s sins….Come now children of the beast be strong….. And Shout at the Devil! My younger sister and I recite this, verbatim, every single time we hear it. Every. Time. And we don’t miss a beat. Actually, we did it this weekend while she was visiting. She DID miss a beat. She obviously doesn’t listen to this album religiously any longer. She’s a loser. While reciting this you have to add drama and flair – think facial expressions and hand motions. If you have a black cloak it really kicks it up a notch. My mom hated this song. She already thought I worshipped beelzebub on the daily because I had tarot cards and crystals. And DE (the hubs) owned a snake. Off topic: but he really owned a python (know what I’m sayin’ – haha!), no but seriously folks. He brought it over to our house one day and the woman flipped her shit. Like started screaming to get that devil thing out of her house and it was evil. She all but tried to exercise the thing! I’m pretty sure that’s where her heart trouble manifested. Sorry, mom. But I digress. She never cared what I listened to or read, unless it involved Satan. Go figure. In The Beginning led into Shout at The Devil. The guitar and drums in the beginning of this song just command you to listen to this. Satan doesn’t do it. The music does. Could it be….SATAN?! (Church lady reference for you old folk). He’ll be the love in your eyes, He’ll be the blood between your thighs and then he’ll have you cry for mo-whoa-whoa! Basically he’s telling us the devil is in everything. You can’t avoid it. If you’re having fun, you’re sinning. Repent. Looks that Kill is a really kick ass song but oh my God this video is horrendous. It really sucks ass, but it was 1983. Questionable decisions were made among all the hair spray fall out. Don’t believe me? Go watch it. Mick Mars wasn’t eye candy even as a young dude, but he sure can play the hell out of the guitar. Is he one of the best? Nope but he shines in this song. Bastard starts with a nice, awkward drum solo. This song is heavy and gritty and about killing some bastard! Out go the lights, in goes my knife, pull out his life, consider that bastard dead. I’m sure we all have considered homicide at some juncture, but it’s not a good idea, kids. Murder is never the answer. Peace is the answer. God Bless the Children of the Beast is a slow instrumental, composed by Mick Mars. I like the use of an acoustic and an electric guitar in this song. Only words are “God Bless the Children of the Beast” at the end. It goes directly into a hard hitting cover of the Beatles Helter Skelter. I personally love both versions of this song. Side note: Siouxsie and The Banshees do a badass, brutal version of this song but we’re talking Crue here. I don’t think the the instrumentals in this song are anything spectacular compared to the original version but I love Neil’s voice singing something Paul McCartney wrote. Red Hot is like one of those songs that you would listen to before going to a rumble, or a dance off if that’s your thing. It worked in Westside Story. This songs just gets you pumped up to kick some ass! Or Dance. Whatever your medium is. Hell, I even got pumped up about going to school when I’d listen to this song. Sick, I know. Too Young to Fall in Love holds all the feels for me. I know it’s not a ballad or a tender love song but man, I got so much shit from the adults in my life when I was a teenager – for what?? FOR BEING IN LOVE!! “Oh, you can’t be in love. You’re too young”. Dude, I couldn’t help it I fell in love with a long haired hood rat. So, yes, this song will always be a stand out for me. Showed you fuckers, didn’t I? 22 years of marital bliss! BAM!! Knock Em Dead Kid is a solid track on here. It’s kind of fluff, actually. It’s a good song but, you know, it isn’t supercalifragalistic. It just occurred to me – Man, there’s a lot of violence on this album. “A star spangled fight, heard a steel belted scream, Now I’m black, I’m black, I’m black, another sidewalks blood dream”. All these guys wanna do is have sex, fight, do drugs and fight. Ten Seconds to Love. This song is filthy. HAHAHA!  I mean, seriously. It’s about blowing his wad basically. Sorry. There’s no delicate way to put that. “Ten seconds to love. Pull my trigger, my gun’s loaded with your love”. It doesn’t take much for you men folk does it? The album finishes with Danger. I think this song is a true showstopper on this album. It’s a little more melodic but it’s rough. The whole composition of this song, musically and lyrically, is stellar. You can disagree. But then that would mean you suck. Avoid sucking. Just agree with me. 20160327_203339-1.jpgListen to the album. OH and if
you act now you can get  your S.I. N. Club Merchandise! (Safety In Numbers! LOL – WTF!?) $7.00 a year! That’s a bargain!

This album is a forerunner for the genre and set the bar high for all the hair bands to follow. It had everything an album should at the time: good guitar riffs, solid drum work, great vocals. Sorry, Nikki, your bass kinda sucked ass. Teens loved it, parents hated it. Sex, violence, satanic vibes, controversy abound. It was the perfect cocktail of what we were looking for. All we wanted to do was tune out our elders and Shout At The Devil!


BEER: Lil Devil, AleSmith Brewing, San Diego, CA, 5.75% ABV, IBU: 24

20160326_170106-1.jpgLil Devil is the perfect complement to Shout at the Devil. It’s an unfiltered, Belgian style pale ale. It’s a pretty golden color in the glass and smells earthy and sweet. Like a hippie might smell in liquid form. Now, I’m no Belgian pale ale connoisseur but this shit is pretty good. This is my second time having this beer.  It has a slightly ‘spicy’ taste to it – maybe that’s the coriander. I’ve never eaten or licked coriander but if it tastes anything like the beer, I might have to start incorporating it into foodstuffs. I think I’ve used it before. No, that was cloves. Nevermind. So, it has some citrusy flavors incorporated with the spiciness that makes it really nice and welcoming. Can beer be welcoming? Hell yes! Come on in! It’s not hoppy to me, more malty. This beer is easy to drink but I think I could only stomach maybe three. It’s totally a low key 5.75% abv so not even close to being evil. If you order the fingerless gloves from the S.I.N. Club you’ll have the looks that kill and  you’ll be set and ready to hold a glass of Lil Devil.

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