Welcome to DRUNKEN VINYL!!!! A blog where I will be pairing off select beers with select vinyl and giving my reviews of each. I ain’t gonna lie – I’m pretty damned stoked about this project. The universe didn’t bless me with the looks of a model, athleticism or being a millionaire so that leaves beer and listening to vinyl – I’m pretty much a front runner with those. These are my humble opinions expressed solely for your entertainment and enlightenment. I will be covering a plethora of musical genres.(We got both kinds! Country AND Western – that’s a Blues Brothers reference, kids) There are, however, a very select few I will NEVER review: Jimmy Buffett, Dave Matthews Band or Coldplay (sorry to all the fans out there). If by chance one of these bands ever pop up, please alert proper authorities immediately as this will be a clear cut distress signal that my life is in peril. (Dial 9-1-1 immediately). With that being said, I would love your suggestions for albums and beers to review so if you have some super duper suggestions shoot me a message, leave a comment or hell, just bring that shit over and be my guest host!!! Much like your moms, I’m down for a party!! If you are offended by: cursing, beer drinking, hell raising, explicit recorded content, opinions of others, suggestive material and general awesomeness, this blog may not be for you. Good luck on your journey. To all the rest, I welcome you with open arms and open bottles to my drunken vinyl ravings – pull up a bean bag, grab a cold one and drop that needle on the record!